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    We are changing the layout of the server. We are running a dual hub setup. This will be the voting system after it is all setup. We are changing the layout of the server topology. For the most part, you wont notice a thing.

    PVP Factions - The PVP server is going to remain as a Factions Heroes server with an element of RPG. When you loginto it will bring you straight there, as well as or They will all bring you there. The reason for this is that there is confusion around the hub. To clarify, the hub is not meant to split the server up it is only a means of entry and verification in order to prevent session stealing and all sorts of nasty hacks. When you join now you will be brought directly to the server.

    1v1 Duels - is a server where you can battle a person one on one, mono e mono. You join the server and you are put up against someone in a serious of battles in 5 different biomes. The winner gets his head put up on a leaderboard and other prizes.

    Sky Wars - You join and you rush to the center of the island by building blocks and killing the opponents. 5 Different biomes

    Prison - Goal of this game is to gain as much money as possible by mining and doing other things in order to gain your rank and freedom to a skyblock plot world.

    Kit PVP (Coming Soon) Fun DM Like Arena Minigame
    Team Battles - Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Walls(Coming Soon)

    Towny Freebuild - Build in a plot of a prior choosing of a mayor or found your own town, collect taxes, and wage war against hostile nation that appose you, the King of an empire!

    Creative - Build whatever you want in a plot world

    Pixelmon - With Pixelmon installed and rearing to go, and you've loaded up your beautiful Minecraft scenery, Pokémon will be running around ceaselessly in the green blocky hills. First, a dialog will appear prompting you to pick your starter Pokémon! Thankfully, in Pixelmon we don't have some strange-looking professor giving us our Pokémon. When selected, the Pokémon you chose will appear in your very own party tab, on the left of your screen. With defaultcontrols, o is to change the size of detail in the party bar on the left. Now point in a direction, and press r (again, default keys) and your Pokémon will be thrown out violently in front of you! Look at that little fella', looking at you all beady eyed, that cute little Pokémon. The Pokémon you send out doesn't have to be the one that's in the first slot of the party tab. If you have more than one Pokémon, press the ↑ & ↓ buttons (by default) to move the Pokémon selector up or down respectively.

    • Refined for large server use (there should be no lag from the plugin at all)
    • GUIs for control panels, mini shop, challenges and other commands!
    • Multi-lingual UI support built-in
    • Fun challenges to complete and customize
    • Minishop for players to buy items
    • Customizable biome shop
    • Each player can place a Welcome Warp Sign on their island to enable other players to warp
    • Island level ranking system - based on block values
    • Supports custom starter island schematics. See here for HowTo. Or here for a video tutorial.
    • Initial chest items can be customized See here for HowTo.
    • The Nether! Integrated - portals link to islands. Nether spawn is protected.
    • Based on my AcidIsland plugin - try that too if your players want another challenge!
    More to come.
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Discussion in 'Downloads' started by stevecat, Oct 16, 2016.

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