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DHPVP is a Hardcore PVP / RPG Minecraft Server with Classes and Races. You can level up and gain skills and more! Join a faction, or create your own and take on the world! TNT and Raiding oh my!

Dragonheart RPG
There are 2 factions: Good & Evil.
The times are barren and the holy war has been going on for millennia. Will you help?

What side will you choose?
Will you ride with village pillaging/raping mongruls: Orcs?
Will you choose a destitute path and be a Human and wage war on the unholyness?
Or will you be neutral, fish, and get fucked. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!!

Factions cost 1 Billion Gold.
We have a chestshop plugin where you can make your own shops in the designated market to earn an extra income!
Our server is completely player based economy.
Every weekend we host a bazaar that will feature uber expensive items for sale.
Once you join a side you can only leave one way. Blood in blood out.
Plugins: Factions/mcMMO/Heroes based server with 7 Classes, 2 Races, Magic Spells, PVP Points & Gold. Anything goes! Gather your resources and levels (20 To PVP) and raid the opposing faction through the Nether!
PVP With over 7 balanced Heroes and 300 skills! Were the biggest Cracked Heroes server ever!

We are a community driven server. If a majirty wants to do something than majirty rools.
Rank your your faction and go and destroy others. This server is fantasy RPG meaning you have to roleplay. Use the appropriate channels. Use the out of character channel to talk about anything, but keep the main channels mainly rpg-e. Even the admins PVP. There is no spawning of items. Mods admins, Head-Mods and Head-Admins can not spawn items either. We try to make the game fair for everyone. Dragonheart Commerce has iConomy, meaning that players...
What does Cracked mean?

Cracked means that you can login to our Server without having a paid version of Minecraft!

When you get in game simply type the command

/Login Password Password
and you're set!

Why'd we do it?

DHPVP has returned to its cracked state once again. We're hoping that this brings back many valuable players that we have been missing, not to despite all the fun that can come with playing with an alt. Account :p

Problems so far:

- Noticeable Problems -

- Everyone has their premium version ranks, however due to some weird permission errors you will need to be added back to that said group.

- Inventories have been reset, however if you have donation Items, including MCMMO let a staff or owner know Asap and we can get that situated for you.

- Small Problems -

- Some region errors, simply have someone add you back to that region if you're the owner.

* If you need help obtaining a cracked launcher, message Justin on Website *

** Any other problems need to be reported to a Admin **
MagicSpells is a plugin that creates spells that only Magicians can use, at first. What do I mean by at first? Well, read on... Its main purpose is to give Magician classes access to certain abilities that are not found on other classes. Each spell can is assigned customized reagent (item) costs, cooldowns. durations, ranges, and so on. Spells can be cast by using the /cast command or swinging wand. The Spiritualist Hero class can teach their magic spells to none magician classes!

Create magic spells that you can use. Its main purpose is to give your players access to certain abilities that you might not want to give them unlimited access to. However, instead of just giving them access to boring commands, they instead get more interesting spells. Each spell can be configured in many ways:

  • Reagent costs (the cost of using the spell, including items, mana, health, hunger, experience, and item durability)
  • Cooldowns (the amount of time a player must wait between uses)
  • Durations (how long certain effects last)
  • Ranges (how far away spells can be used from their target)
  • Many more options, depending on the spell
Spells can be cast by using the /cast command, swinging a configurable wand item, or both. It's also possible to have them triggered from other actions the player may take. It's all customizable.

Before a player can cast a spell, they must already know it. There are several ways a player can learn a spell:

  • Taught with the teach spell
  • Learned from a spellbook
  • Learned from a tome
  • Gained from a grant...
/lwc create public

Creates a public test that anyone can use however it cannot be destroyed or locked.

/lwc create password [password]]

Creates a password protected chest.

/lwc create private [@][playername] [@][username] etc...

Creates a private chest with the listed users having access to said chest. If an @ symbol is attached to the front of their name this user will be a chest admin and have complete control over the userslists on the chest.

/lwc -c [public/private/password]

A shortened version of the create commmands.

/lwc modify [Property] [playername]

Using @name would grant the named user admin access to your chest, - would remove them from the chest, just a name would set them as a normal user to the chest.

/lwc free chest

Remove protection from a chest.

/lwc info or /cinfo

Display information on the selected chest.

/lwc persist

Causes the next LWC command to persist. Using this with a create command for example would allow you to mass-create the same protection on chests.

/lwc free modes

Disables /lwc persist