We have installed a New Hub Server. After you authenticate you will still be redirected to the Heroes Faction server and your last server destination after authentication . If you ever need to go back, type /hub in game return to the hub.

Old Login Process
Where did you log off? You go backt to last connected server.
Different IP? Back to auth server for verification then > back to last server
Server restart > bounced to auth lobby [(cant talk, invisibility) used for security ]

New Updated Login process
Join server > Authenticated already? > bounced to Hub
New IP? > Bounced to auth lobby > bounced to Hub
Server restart > bounced to hub server lobby
To Mods,Admins,Helpers,Op`s We now have a New auth system to Make the staff Accounts more secure, In order to use this you will need a phone, And you Must install Google Authenticator.
Once you install it Scan the Qr Code. And type in the 6 Digit Code that will change every once a while.
If it does not work, Make sure the time on your device is correct.